Case Studies

(a) Surface detail of fabricated optic
(a) Surface detail of fabricated optic


PowerPhotonic has developed a process for manufacturing custom freeform optics at a competitive price. The ability to source optical elements, which are not limited by symmetric constraints, opens up the design space. I have worked with them to explore some of the application areas which are opened up by the possibilities that their process offers. Read More…

AGI Portable Runway Lighting

British Antarctic Survey
British Antarctic Survey

As LEDs become cheaper and significantly more efficient than traditional light sources, many companies are looking at updating their lights to take advantage of the benefits that LEDs offer.

AGI manufacture portable runway lights that are used in harsh environments and battery operated. As a result they have the following requirements for their lighting systems:

  • Compact design
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Meet regulatory requirements (as defined by the FAA in the US and the ICAO in Europe)
  • Read More…