Projects and Clients

Established in 2009, Walker Optics is a UK based optical consultancy with a wealth of experience in optical design, engineering and manufacturing.

Projects Duncan Walker has worked on include:

  • Redesign of runway lighting to incorporate high brightness LEDs
  • LED illumination systems
  • Thermal imaging systems
  • Infrared reflectors
  • Freeform optical components for diode lasers and other applications
  • Illumination system for photolithography systems, both EUV (13.5nm) and DUV (193nm)
  • Fibre laser design and manufacture
  • Telecommunication lasers
  • Performance of Nd:YAG lasers in defense systems
  • Optical system for laser machining system
  • Optical systems for medical devices

Duncan has worked for clients ranging from blue chip companies to start up companies including:

  • Selex ES
  • Carl Zeiss SMT
  • AGI Ltd
  • Power Photonic